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"You" Are Who Your Children Will Grow Up To Be

"You are who your children will grow up to be".

These words were spoken by my pastor in his last sermon, and they really resonated with me. If you think about the phrase, it will really cause you to do an immediate inventory of the person you are and the example that you set as a father.

Obviously, no earthly father is perfect, so the logical conclusion would be that, if our children grow up to be "us", then no child can be perfect either.

This one sentence spoken by my pastor led me to three conclusions:

1) I need to guide and lead my children, rather than to try to "correct" and "fix" them.
2) I need to be mindful of my attitude and actions at all times.
3) I need to realize that I am an example not only to my kids, but also to their
friends/peer groups as well.

We as parents of young children might think that our children don't listen, and we are mostly right about that. But what we can never forget is that our kids value our actions more than our words, and they are ALWAYS watching.

I like to run (it's a great time to think about things while I'm alone), and as I was running my normal course, my epiphany at the corner of Acorn Drive and Taurus Lane, in Franklin, was, "Wait a minute! If my kids are always watching me, then the neighborhood kids, who play with my kids, are always watching my actions too!"

Now, I graduated with a triple major in college, and was one class away from adding a minor, and am generally considered to be "smart". But my main criticism of myself is "Josh, for supposedly being so smart, you sure can be stupid sometimes.". How could I not realize this before?

So what I've been trying to do, and what I would hope that all fathers can do, is to be a positive role model for your children, but also be a positive role model for those children who might not have a positive role model at home.

If we can all do that, then that will make a MUCH bigger positive impact on our society than anything else. And if you have the desire to be a positive role model, but need some more knowledge or guidance yourself, please contact Dads Inc, and we will do all that we can to help you.

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