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Silly Boyz

Jackson, my oldest son, came home one day from pre-school with a set of bracelets on his arm that would have made Debbie Gibson jealous circa 1988.  Alarmed?  Nah . . .

Just to warn you, there is a very good chance that your little man, too, will be coming home soon with the same set of rainbow decorations on his wrist as the little dudes in this photo (not my son, though he has about as many), if he hasn't already.  If this happens, don't freak out, homophobes.  They're called Silly Bandz, and they're the latest fad among the Pre-School Power Couples and all of their hangers-on.

Essentially, these are cheap, creatively-shaped rubberbands for kids to covet and you to drop cash on.  There are dinosaurs, guitars, rockstars, just stars, superheroes, money signs, palm trees, dragons and about every other thing that crosses through a kid's imagination.  For $5.95, you can get 24 of these rubberbands.  And if he's coming home with them on, you've already paid for it.  You might not know that you have, but you have.

This is a fad.  It will go away shortly.  Just pay your $5.95 and be thankful it's not Rainbow Bright.

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