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The Return of Dads Ink

Once upon a time, Dads Inc. had a blog. A blog that was updated. A blog that was read. It was called Dads Ink. But then life got crazy for Dads Inc. Dads Inc. had a big fundraiser. Then Dads Inc.'s dad went and got cancer in his layrnx, and Dads Inc. had to take care of him. And Dads Inc. went through a merger with The Villages. And things have exploded for Dads Inc. - in a good way. So while Dads Inc. still had a blog, it wasn't updated and no one read it.

But then people on Dads Inc.'s Marketing and Communication Committee insists that Dads Inc. have an active blog again. So, exactly one year since the last post, Dads Ink has been reborn. It's been cleaned up and redesigned. It will once again be updated, and hopefully it will be read again one day.