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If any of you are LONG-time readers of Dads Ink, you may vaguely remember a post I did last July about a blog with the sole purpose of talking about how kids don't need fathers.  In brief, the author would give you a few short paragraphs about some child growing up without a father and then reveal at the end of the post that the subject was some famous person, thereby supposedly proving her point that children, indeed, do not need fathers. 

I guess her objective was, over time, to spotlight all of these people who grew up without fathers and turned out to be famous.  To infinity and beyond, I guess.  Well, I just happened to check-in on that blog the other day.  The last post was dated last December.  She had reached all the way up to the overwhelmingly huge number of . . . 35.

I recalled that blog after following the recent Jennifer Anniston vs. Bill O'Reilly feud over Anniston's comments in promotion of her latest flick, The Switch.  I had said on Facebook that I agreed with O'Reilly (something that pains me personally to say), and I continue to feel that way.  I don't think she intended to say that fathers aren't important or that she was intentionally attacking fathers, but she did.  And is seems to becoming a popular thing to do.

Look, I know a child can be raised by a single parent, mother or father.  And many of us turn out to be successful.  But we can all be better if raised by a loving, nurturing mother and father.  I'm not saying they have to be married, but they do have to be partners in the life they created.  And they have to let each other be partners. 

Dads Inc. is not one of those extreme, women-bashing groups.  We just don't believe in the things they do and they're just too damn angry, just like the man-bashing groups on the other side.  We WANT moms around.  We LOVE moms, and recognize the important role they play in the development of children.  But so do dads.  We believe, without a doubt, that dads are equally important in the positive development of their children.  We will make no apologies about that.  And we will stand up and make our voice heard when dads come under attack, whether from a blog or a jilted movie star.

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