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Rage Against the Meshugenah

One of the reasons Dads Inc. was founded in 2005 was that there are so very few resources available specifically for dads. It's gotten better since then, but it's still a tiny fraction of the resources available for moms.

Particularly when it comes to books. The day I found out I was going to be a father for the first time, my wife and I went to Barnes & Noble. Huge parenting section, pathetic fathering selection. My lone option was The Expectant Father, by my friend and colleague Armin Brott. Now let me say that this is one of my very favorite books for new dads, and it was like my bible in the beginning. So I'm glad that one was there! But that was it!

Like I said, it has gotten somewhat better, and a new book came out last week that I have to spread the word about. Rage Against the Meshugenah: Why It Takes Ball to Go Nuts by Danny Evans, who is the author of the hilarious blog Dad Gone Mad, is a candid, honest, and funny look at Danny's battle with depression, beer, porn, and trying to be a better father and husband.

Let me first caution that if you're easily offended and don't like curse words, you might not want to check this book out. But if you're ok with the Judd Appatow humor, this is totally for you!

It's rare and inspiring to find a man that is so honest about this mental health and every day struggles. I hope this book goes big because it could be a catalyst for more men talking about problems like depression, addiction, and real reactions to life.

We really try to make sure that any tips or advice that's coming from Dads Inc. is realistic. We are very quick to inform that first-time expectant father that newborns are not all butterflies, popsicles, and roses. Let's be honest - sometimes they're more like cockroaches, broccoli, and smelling salts. This book captures that realism perfectly as he discusses the bond he so desperately wanted to have with his son but didn't exist. It's issues and feelings and thoughts that many, many men have, but they never admit or talk about them.

Whether or not you or someone you know has ever suffered from depression, addiction, or other problems, you need to check this book out. It's a good read.

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