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Jon 'hurt' by Kate's remarks as she cites his weekend 'activities'

By Alan Duke

(CNN) -- Jon and Kate Gosselin both said they want their divorce to be "resolved amicably," but an unexplained Father's Day weekend dispute lurks within written statements released by each of them this week.

TLC says Jon and Kate Gosselin's show will be on hiatus until August 3 to give them "time off to regroup."

1 of 2 "Jon's activities" over the weekend "left me no choice" but to file for divorce Monday, Kate Gosselin said.

Jon Gosselin said he was "hurt" by her words, but his weekend alone with their eight kids was great.

Divorce documents filed Monday by Kate's lawyer contend their 10-year marriage is "irretrievably broken," but it saves any specifics for later.

While a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, judge sealed the Gosselin divorce file, CNN has obtained a copy of Kate's petition for a "no-fault divorce."

The couple announced their separation and divorce filing on a special one-hour episode of their TLC reality series "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

Their additional statements indicated that something happened this past week that was not seen on the TV show.

"Over the course of this weekend, Jon's activities have left me no choice but to file legal procedures in order to protect myself and our children," Kate Gosselin said. "While there are reasons why it was appropriate and necessary for me to initiate this proceeding, I do not wish to discuss those reasons at this time, in the hope that all issues will be resolved amicably between Jon and myself."

Jon, in response, said he "was hurt by the statement Kate made last night about the divorce."

He, too, hinted that something happened while he spent the Father's Day weekend with his eight children -- minus Kate.

"I have always done everything I can to protect our family," he said. "This weekend, I was home with the kids for four days, just being a dad. No nannies, just the kids and me. In fact, with the exception of Aaden's visit to the doctor, I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend Father's Day weekend."

Aaden Gosselin, one of the couple's 5-year-old sextuplets, was seen in his father's arms with a small bandage on his forehead on Saturday.

It may be another six weeks before TV viewers learn the details, since TLC said it has placed the show on hiatus until August 3 to give the Gosselin family "some time off to regroup."

The cable network said it would "work closely with them to determine the best way to continue to tell their story as they navigate through this difficult time."

The eight children -- sextuplets and twins -- will continue living in their Wernersville, Pennsylvania, home, the couple said. Each parent will stay there during their time with them.

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