In order to simplify our blogging and to drive more traffic to our website, Dads Inc. has moved this blog and all of our blogging efforts directly to our website. You can now read Dads Ink at We'll see you there!



Welcome to Dads Ink, where Dads Inc. comes to blog!

Many non-profits are having to be drug kicking and screaming into the a reality of new and emerging media. Not us! Dads Inc. has wrapped our arms and around and given great big smooches to the new and emerging media. While it's not exactly innovative now for non-profits to have blogs, this is just one of the many new outlets by which Dads Inc. can communicate with you.

If you haven't heard about it or joined yet, get on our brother social networking site, Now, while many non-profits now have blogs, we haven't seen any others with their own social networking site. We're just cool like that.

And on, you will soon be able to download our new podcast, PapaCast, which is being presented by Deano's Vino Restaurant & Wine Bar. Coupled with that will be an unabridged videocast version of the PapaCast, too. We're hoping to even begin offering some classes on there within the next year.

Most of you already know about our monthly e-newsletter, The Toolbox. If not, just go to our homepage and sign-up. But while you're there, also sign up for our periodic texting updates. Yes, you can get your information on Dads Inc. directly on your cell phone! Don't worry, we're going to come up for a unique little name for this, too, but we just haven't had enough coffee yet to think of it.

"But that is not all I can do, that is not all," said the Cat in the Hat. "Look at me! Look at me! Look at me now! It is fun to have fun but you have to know how!" And we have lots of fun on all of our pages on the various social networking sites. You like Facebook? So do we! We have a "Group" page and a "Cause" page on there. We're on MySpace (though not as much since we usually only find our kids there and not other dads), LinkedIn, Smaller Indiana, Flickr, and you can even follow our tweets on Twitter!

So, yeah, we're the cool kids on the non-profit block. Want to come hang out with us? We're not hard to find . . .

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